Our Story

I am a passionate mom to 2 gorgeous  kids, MBA, and a school educator. I  realised after spending huge amounts of money on fancy toys, that there was a lot of scope to explore play and learn opportunities other than toys, but there were not many options available.

The love for children encouraged me to make busy bags for them whenever we went out for dinners, road trips, Flights or even when I wanted to make a work call. In no time I started thinking about this as a full time creator of busy bags. Months, days, and hours of research and brain storming with experts went into this before Juggle Brain came together.

We have had a great journey to look back and feel very proud of the same. We have been selling Juggle Brain Busy bags much before this website came into being. These became very popular among the parents for whenever they were travelling, as birthday party favours, dinners or even at home when you need to buy a little time to finish off something important.

We have also been running a very successful Juggle Brain Playgroup (Parent- Child), which have had brilliant reviews from parents. These playgroups have helped li’l kids to develop their social skills, movements, hand eye co-ordinations, and explore a wonderful world of sensory play each week with a new theme.

With that in place, we embarked upon our vision to create Juggle Brain Box. The idea found its place very strongly adaptable when Covid hit the world. There was a strong need to fill the gap of having something in the market that engages, entertains, satiates the interests, provides developmental skills and is safe for their age. Every child has their own unique engagement style, and Juggle Brain Box helps them to explore without getting out of their comfort zones. Inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally curious and creative children.

Akriti Anand

Founder & CEO, Juggle Brain