Reward Jar (Brush My Teeth)

Reward Jar (Brush My Teeth)

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A very handy and everyday essential reward jar for parents who are looking their kids to develop a habit of brushing their teeth routinely. Parents use the reward jar to encourage the kids to develop the habit. 

It’s exciting for your child to earn a tooth-shaped token when they have successfully done their job. The reward jar is shaped like a tooth makes it attractive for the child to 'earn' their reward every morning and every night! 

Child and Parents approved, and works successfully for developing this important habit. 

- One regular-size (A4) acrylic tooth-shaped reward-jar cutout board. Comes with a thread/ribbon to be used for hanging the reward-jar

- 14 acrylic tooth-shaped tokens to be stuck with velcro on the reward-jar 

- Please note: sand timer is not included anymore

Please note: 

- This is a product printed on acrylic. This makes it durable, but product could develop small crack marks on the edges with usage over time

- We use a thick sheet of acrylic (3-4 mm), but acrylic is brittle by nature and so, needs to be handled with care  

- As products are made by hand in small-scale and not in a factory-setting, the final finish on the products may vary

-  Slight black marks may sometimes appear on the back-side (hidden side) of the products during printing, but that would not impact the front usable side of the product 


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