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We love to create Juggle Brain Box. We also love to conduct Juggle Brain Playgroups for the little ones!

Juggle Brain Playgroup is a social activity for Parent and Child. We run these playgroups through the week at various locations in KL & Selangor.

These playgroups are a planned 30-45 minutes sessions run in small groups. It is a structured and focused play targeted towards music and movement, sensory play and circle time. The playgroup follows a set routine starting with warm up with a “Hello” and ending with a “See you Soon” Schedule. This routine makes it really easy for the children who might be anxious to settle down, as they know what to expect in each session. Keeping a routine gives the children confidence as they know what’s coming up and reduces separation anxiety in a social setup.

We have a themed based approach for the playgroups and our sensory play and music and movement is all targeted towards the theme. Each week children love to see the new sensory set-ups. It's wonderful to see how they explore different materials and textures. We keep in mind that young children have low attention span and so we let them explore the trays according to each child’s interest. What interests one child might not necessarily interest the others. As parents and educators our job is to provide them with avenues and options to explore and make their independent choices.





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