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Juggle Brain's Learning Mats have been designed to help children practice (with parents or independently) and lay a strong foundation of their learning journey. 

All our learning Mats are reusable (wipe-clean) and come with a marker. They are sturdy and great for everyday practice by your li'l ones. The key to learning is a little step forward every day.

We have a variety of Learning Mats to choose from:

Sounds & Letters

(a) Personalised Name Board: A child's name is the first set of alphabets they start observing when they start going to preschool/daycare. Its an exciting phase for them to be able to write their names. 

(b) Phonics Mats (letter sounds): As soon as a child starts identifying sounds, becomes aware of various sounds around them, it is the right time to introduce letter sounds (phonics) to them. The phonics mats are divided in phases of letter sounds so that children are able to build up on them at their own pace 

(c) I -spy Letter Sound Mats: These mats are a great activity and can be bought as a bundle to their corresponding phonics mat. It is great for children to be aware of various sounds, interesting pictures make it really interesting for them. Buy this together with the Phonics Mat

(d) Word Builder Mat: Once your child has already done their Vowels, a, e, i, o , u by the third phonics mat- they are quite ready to try this word builder mat that encourages them to build word with letter sounds. The words used in this mat are all CVC (consonant , vowel, consonant ) words/3 letter words and encourage children.

(e) Sound of The Day Mat: This helps the children to work on each sound in an interesting way. Learn uppercase, lowercase, think of words that have that sound.  


(a) Number Bonds: These are number pairs or "good friends" that always add upto 10. This helps children practice and learn addition in a interesting way.

(b) Numbers 1-10: This learning mat can be bought for even 2 yrs old who have started gaining interest in numbers. These are great to start counting, tracing, and recognising numbers. 

(c) Multiplication WheelsTimes Tables are important for children to learn as they grow. Schools start with times tables in different sets and by the time they are 8-9 years old they should be confident. Multiplication wheels challenge them to do it accurately and you can always time it. 

(d) Number of the day MatThis mat is an interesting way for children to do numbers. it gives them little challenges and keeps it interesting. There is a beginner mat and an advanced mat for when they are a little more exposed. 

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  • Personalised Name Board
  • Phonics Mat
  • I-spy Letter Sounds Mats
  • Word Builder Mat (three letter words with vowels)
  • Number Bonds 1-10
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Multiplication Wheels
  • Jumbo Learning Folder (2-5 years old)