Connecting Sticks

Connecting Sticks

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Explore different shapes and connecting popsicle sticks to make fun shapes.

Kids can even try counting sides of shapes, and definitely try and make alphabets! 

From using these sticks, here are some of the benefits that were discovered:

  • visual perception – the kids enhance these skills as they work to copy the shapes and/or the color order
  • problem solving – how to make the shape look like the one in the picture, as well as how to make the popsicle sticks stick to each other (i.e. the ‘soft’ side sticks to the ‘scratchy’ side)
  • bilateral hand use – in order to attach and detach the sticks, the kids need to use two hands
  • shape and letter recognition/formation – when kids create the shape/letter with the popsicle sticks they can trace it with their fingers and then carry it over to actual drawing/writing.  They can also work on naming the shapes or forming them when asked (either by copying a picture or free hand).  When one kiddo who was consistently making squares with rounded corners used the popsicle sticks he was able to make actual corners for the first time when he drew the square.
  • imagination – when given the chance to free play with them you can see what the kids come up with on their own. 



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