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(a) Theme Box: Juggle Brain Box with our popular monthly themes. Each box contains 4 engaging activities for your child! Choose the theme from themes like "Colours & Shapes", "Old MacDonald's Farm", "Dino's World". Suitable for 18-months to 4-years old

(b) Jumbo Box: This box multiple engaging activities loved by parents and educators alike! Suitable for 2-6 years old. Choose from two variants:

(i) Fine motor skills box
(ii) Busy Bags - set of 7
(iii) Early numeracy skills box (numbers & math) .. coming soon

(c) Our Subscriptions: Our popular themes with 4 exciting activities per box. Suitable for 9-months to 4 years. Choose from a 1-box-per-month or 2-boxes-per-month. Great value for money with every box!


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